Attn. all bronze members

Just wanted to let everyone know to again check your ads before sat. for any contact info in the body of your ads. If any of your webpages, email, or phone numbers are in the body text of your ad please remove the contact info since this not to be posted in that area. Saturday we will be personally checking all ads to make sure changes are done, if they are not we will manually deleate that info which may make the ad look different. Thanks again from everyone here at family pet classifieds.

Attn. Bronze members for familypetclassifieds

We still see some ads with contact info in the body of your ad, this includes phone numbers, email, and website. Please remove this info in your ads by Mon. July11 or they will be removed from the site.


Posting contact info in body of ad descriptions

We have seen some of the "bronze" members posting contact info, email or websites in the body of their ads. Please only post information like this in the areas where the site asks for it. This is because with a "bronze" membership viewers cannot see contact info for the person placing the ads. At this point if someone want to view you ad they need to pay the small fee. We here at familypetclassifieds suggest bronze members to upgrade to allow your potential buyers to see your contact info for free.


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